120km Tickle Loop

We got some feedback that some cyclists wanted a few more hills so new for 2017 we added the 30 km Tickle Loop to the 90 km Lost Shores Loop for a whopping 120 km of rolling hills.  At the end of Highway 316 in Half Island Cove, cyclists will turn right and  you’ll head to Canso on Highway 16. You are now at the easternmost community of continental North America and home of the amazing Stan Rogers Folk Festival every July.   The collapse of the fishing industry a few years ago hit Canso really hard, you’ll pass by a huge vacant waterfront lot that used to be a fish processing plant employing 1000+ people.  Fortunately, lobster, shrimp and crab catches have all done extremely well in recent years so prosperity is returning but nothing close to the former glory days.

Have you ever seen a tickle? It’s a long skinny waterway which provides sheltered mooring for smaller vessels.  You’ll follow ours which separates Durrell’s Island from the mainland.

You’ll then head to Hazel Hill and rejoin Highway 16 at the site of the old Commercial Cable building. Several telegraph cable companies set up in our area in the late 1800’s to provide telegraph service from Europe to North America and continued to operate until the 1960’s. In striking contrast, you’ll see some large modern new wind turbines built by Guysborough Municipality using the proceeds from the Sable gas line royalties. The area is currently under evaluation as a satellite launch site. Who knows what the future brings.