3km Fear and Loathing Hill Climb

Hey, it’s our fault and we love it. We live on the edge… of this huge faultline. The Cobequid Chedabucto fault line creates the scenic rolling hills along Chedabucto Bay. You’re riding on the part that used to be near Morocco in Africa before continents started moving around. Believe us, we sure heard about those scenic damn hills from the first 2 Fondo events. It sounded a bit like a love-hate kind of thing.

You’ve already ridden 30, 50 or 100 km and you’re on the homestretch. Only 14 km to the beer tent. Hydration and carbs feel good, let’s enjoy this. You’ve seen the Queensport light and that sure sounded like Stan Rogers as you rolled into Halfway Cove.  It’s a lovely long coaster ride down to the bridge. Wheee….

Back to work… another friggin’ hill. Welcome to the Fear and Loathing in Lost Shores Hill Climb.  Yes, we’re timing the climb for the 400 cyclists who will tackle this hill Sept 8th. We know some cyclists cannot resist a challenge. We also know from Strava data from 126 riders that the best cyclists can do this in 6 minutes.

You pedal up and around the curve and past where the road fell into the ocean a few years back. Soon there is a climbing lane that takes you to the crest as naked rock faces show where the road was cut into the ancient rock. This is why you started training last spring. This is why we watch our carbs and fluids so carefully. Yeah…. we got this, we’re going to survive. Oh yeah, nice scenery too.

At 2.8 km, you reach the crest.  Our final rest stop is just a few hundred meters ahead at the Lookoff. Then it’s only 11 km to a cold Nova Scotian craft beer.  We’ll post the results back at the event site with category winners for every age group and route.

Lost Shores Gran Fondo - Fear & Loathing

Fear and Loathing Hill Climb LSGF – STRAVA Segment


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