90km Lost Shores Loop

This is the loop that started it all, 90 km of low traffic oceanfront cycling. This ride follows the rolling oceanfront hills for a total 1000 m climb so you’ll get a full workout. As you leave Guysborough, you’ll soon come flying down a hill to Spanks Bridge over the Salmon River. Please exercise extreme caution on the very sharp turn at the far end of the bridge. Head south up over the barrens to Larrys River for a taste of Acadian hospitality as locals crowd the bridge to cheer you on. You’ll continue along Tor Bay, where the Savalette family ran a fishing operation since the early 1500’s. Enjoy the view of the islands in Port Felix and head inland along the Whitehaven estuary.

Riders on the 90 km route will turn left at Highway 16, the 120 km riders will turn right. As you come over the hill in Half Island Cove, Chedabucto Bay greets you with a stunning vista. This is our fault, aka the Chignecto-Chedabucto Fault, see the separate tab for more details. We’ll have a rest stop in Queensport Lighthouse Park with extra carbs and drink (oops, we didn’t get that part right last year) to get you over those last few hills heading back to Guysborough.

Enjoy the views along Chedabucto Bay, whale and tuna sightings are common on a calm day. You’ll earn a few good long coaster rides…. Wheeeee! You’ll follow the faultline back to Guysborough where we’ll have cold craft beer and great BBQ ribs waiting to reward your efforts.

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