Our Fault

We confess, the Lost Shores Gran Fondo has one very visible fault. We live right on the edge of the Cobequid – Chedabucto fault line that runs across Nova Scotia and includes the scenic Parrsboro area. Apparently we caught a few riders off guard with the amount of hills near the end of the 90 km ride. Oops, sorry about that.

Lost Shores is a big slab of rock formed near Morocco 400 million years ago and subsequently turned to granite and scrubbed almost bare by hundreds of cycles of ice age glaciers. The fault line starts at the eastern tip of mainland North America at Glasgow Head near Canso and follows Highway 16 along the south shore of Chedabucto Bay to the Salmon River Estuary where it heads inland. The end result is rolling landscape along the crystal clear, deep blue waters of Chedabucto Bay, almost a Crater Lake effect. Mother nature sometimes leaves natural stone sculptures along the shoreline that are near and dear to local hearts.

The 50, 90 and 120 km routes track this fault line along Highway 16 on the south side of Chedabucto Bay. It’s a bit of a roller coaster with elevations varying from estuary bridges to 75m vistas. The scenery is stunning so we encourage people to slow up a bit and soak up the view. Enjoy the long coaster rides, you earned them. The 90 km ride has just over 1000 m total climb so keep some gas in the tank for the final stretch. We’ll also be providing extra hydration and energy snacks at the Queensport and Dorts Coce Lookoff rest stops to feed those climbs. And cold craft brews will be waiting at the finish line.

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