About The Lost Shores

Our recorded European history goes back to 1397 when Prince Henry St Clair brought his expedition to Chedabucto Bay. Later, the French and English fished and fought their battles. By the end of the 1700’s, most areas were settled by a mix of English, German and French settlers, many of whom were refugees from one conflict or another. There were some prosperous times long ago but the fishing industry declined and homesick Bluenosers are now spread all across the planet.

The Lost Shores Cooperative

In an effort to show the world the beauty of our undiscovered paradise, we created the Lost Shores cooperative marketing brochure in early 2015.  With the support of local businesses, we produced a map to highlight the 85 km driving loop and the various communities, wharves and lighthouses along the way. We hoped cyclists, photographers and tourists would appreciate the low-traffic, ocean front nature of our loop.

The Lost Shores Facebook page followed as a cost-effective extension of the cooperative brochure to show folks our breathtaking scenery.  Response to the Lost Shores Facebook page has been way beyond our expectations and new pictures continue to warm hearts near and far.

Early in 2016, things started to come together as cooperative partner Pictou County Cycle explained to us how a Gran Fondo event would be a good fit for our 85 km loop. In the meantime, Guysborough Municipality had learned about District of Clare’s success with Nova Scotia’s first Gran Fondo the previous year.  The potential for a Gran Fondo ride to promote our area as a tourist destination seemed to make a lot of sense. That lead to a collaborative effort to make the inaugural Lost Shores Gran Fondo happen in September 2016.  We partnered with 30+ businesses and 100+ volunteers to bring it together and the feedback says we hit it out of the park.

For 2017, we added the 120 km route, a beautiful map and a new website with excellent maps, photos and other resources you need to have a great visit to Guysborough. For 2018, we’ll add a timed hill climb in Halfway Cove and finish the day in the brand new Chedabucto Lifestyles Center.


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